What Is Glyder?

Glyder is an online service that enables content providers to instantly sell content to consumers who visit their sites on the fly, even when the consumer has no account with that content provider. Glyder’s Instant-Payment-and-Access(IPA) capability can be applied to virtually any kind of content, including subscriptions, day passes, and a-la-carte purchases of individual items — such as articles, songs, videos, reports, books, and more — accessed on desktop, laptop, tablet and mobile devices.

The vast majority of online consumers seek out and consume small portions of a-la-carte content from many, many sources. They move fast and browse widely. Unfortunately, content providers have never had a mechanism for enabling consumers to purchase and access paywall content in a way that aligns with this drive-by, rapid-fire, a-la-carte behavior (until Glyder, that is).

Instead, consumers are usually pressured into buying memberships and subscriptions, which they don’t want, and pressured into distributing their personal and financial information to websites all over the internet, which puts them at risk.

It’s no surprize that consumers have largely rejected these approaches, and all the more urgent that content providers solve this problem, given that online ad revenue is largely insufficient to support the production cost of lots of quality media that consumers actually value highly.

Glyder’s Two Objectives

To address the above problems, Glyder technology is focused on two primary objectives:

Enable consumers to have much better access: fast, simple, affordable access to more paywall content than ever before
Enable content providers to generate much better revenue to support the production of quality content, for which advertising is largely insufficient

Notice that these two objectives work together. When consumers get the browsing experience that they want, and when it is virtually as fast and easy to access paid content as accessing free content, consumers are much more comfortable paying for it. The end result for content providers is much better revenue because even consumer purchases of only a few pennies can deliver many times more revenue than is provided by an online ad alone. That’s the beauty of a win-win scenario.

The Missing Piece

The internet is an extraordinary innovation, enabling consumers to access information virtually as quickly as they can think of it. What has been missing, however, is a mechanism enabling consumers to access and pay for that content in way that aligns with “Browsing at the Speed of Thought.” Accessing and paying for content must become as fast and easy as accessing free content.

Glyder is that missing piece, and it’s about time!

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